Monday, August 24, 2015

Webster Dental on WGN News

The doctors and staff of Webster Dental Care are being featured on WGN Morning News throughout the next few months.  Be sure to tune in to meet our staff and hear about how Webster Dental Care can serve you.

Dr. Ryan Springer was featured most recently:

Dr. Brittany Dickinson on WGN:

Dr. Kerry Lowery on WGN:

Dr. Mark Zieba on WGN:

Dr. Rebecca Long on WGN:

Dr. Barry Freydberg on WGN:

Dr. Chelsea Jones on WGN:

Dr. Mark Zieba on WGN:

Dr. Rebecca Long on WGN:

Dr. Melissa Patenio on WGN:

Dr. Shar Fadavi on WGN:

Dr. Caroline Jermanus on WGN: